YouTube Rocks — 2000 Subscribers and Counting!

YouTube Rocks — 2000 Subscribers and Counting!

When you hear the two words YouTube you probably have visions of wild viral videos and crazy teenage antics. But just in case you missed the memo, YouTube now has a little something for everyone…

Here at LogFurnitureHowTo[dot]com we have embraced this dynamic Online video platform with open arms, cut-off branches, and a blaze of welding wire.  And just like our Colorado Rock*N Log furniture, YouTube Rocks!

Mitchell Dillman and his YouTube ‘View Cube’

Many Thanks to all of our new friends, family, neighbors, and folks from far and wide, all around this globe who are now watching us on YouTube…On July 22, 2012, our YouTube channel received its’ 2000th Subscriber…Thank YOU, we will not let you down!

2000 YouTube Subscribers

And as our special way of saying Thank You to each of you, here is what we’re going to do today…Let’s commemorate this once in a lifetime, YouTube milestone, cut us up a log, and make a one-of-a-kind YouTube View Cube!

My YouTube View Cube

Now be certain you give this video your closest attention. In this video you will see I am using every bit of at least 16 different tools. There may be more, but who’s counting?

Watch 16 Tools and My YouTube View Cube

Thank YOU again for all of your support, and for subscribing to our YouTube channel…now be sure to tell all of your friends and neighbors, and any one else who likes to have fun and work with tools!

Mitchell Dillman

P.S. If there is anything special you would like to see me make, you know what to do…Leave a message below, or drop me an email. I am always here and happy to help! 

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  1. Mick Sykes says

    Hi Mitchell,congrats on the 2000 mate. I follow you down here on the Gold Coast, Australia.I am trying to source some suitable logs here to work with as most of the timber in Australia is super heavy hardwood. Love your work, and your creativity!

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