“the” Log Clamp Review

“the” Log Clamp Review

If you want to have loads of fun in your shop and succeed at just about any project you start, all you need are the right tools for the job, top quality materials, and a well thought-out plan…

That’s why when my good friend Scott Shaeffer of San Juan Carpentry told me he already had a detailed blueprint for “the” log clamp, I knew it was as good as done. And done right! You see, we already had all the tools we needed, and all the best quality steel for this project was just a click away at www.KingMetals.com . So the rest was sure to be as easy as welding downhill.

‘the’ Log Clamp

This video review offers an up close and personal look at Scott’s Shaeffer’s newest design…”the” Log Clamp.  Then, watch as artisan Mitchell Dillman shows you How-to Weld a Log Clamp. Finally, finish off your visit here with look at How-to Carve a Tenon on a Log Clamp.

Anyway you look at it, this review is all about “the” Log Clamp.

Click the image below to watch Introducing the Log Clamp by Scott Shaeffer and Mitchell Dillman

This compact log clamp is ideal for all kinds of log work. The log clamp will allow you to carve and sand tenons in the larger logs that are needed for bed frames, log railings, bar stools, and all sorts of other log home decor and rustic log furniture.

Click the image below and enjoy How-to Weld a Log Clamp

Now, after seeing how-to weld a log clamp, the real question you should be asking yourself is…

Can I see this log clamp in action..?

Well heck yeah, you’d better believe you can!

Click the image below to view Carve a tenon on a Log Clamp by Scott Shaeffer

So there you go, “the” log clamp, from conception through completion. And quick look at how-to use a log clamp…

Scott’s ‘Prototype’ Log Clamp with original blueprint

Now if you would like to purchase your own PDF blueprint to weld you own, or you want me to weld your very own completed log clamp, simply leave a comment in the space provided below, or email me, mitchell@logfurniturehowto.com

Thanks for stopping by and watching…See you again next week!

Mitchell Dillman

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