Bessemer Historical Society Celebrates Made in USA Steel

Bessemer Historical Society Celebrates Made in USA Steel

When you study American history, and read about the industrialization of the West, you learn that Colorado played a large role in building America with Made in USA Steel. Here at Colorado Rock*N Logs,  we are proud to announce our participation at the upcoming Bessemer Historical Society “Steel’ebration”, celebrating 140 years of Pueblo’s steel mill.

It just works! The strength and durability of Made in USA steel combined with the natural appeal and sheer beauty of hand-carved Colorado logs – this is what makes a Colorado Rock*N Log part of our history…

The Strength and Beauty of Made in USA Steel and Colorado Logs

Beginning production in 1872, Colorado Fuel & Iron Company (CF&I) was a driving force in the development of the West. With the largest made in the USA steel mill west of the Mississippi, at one time CF&I was largest private land owner and the largest employer in Colorado producing everything from railroad spikes and rails to barbed wire fencing and nails.

This Saturday, August 4, 2012 from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, come celebrate CF&I’s rich history of steel production, iron and coal mining, geological exploration, labor relations, land and water use, on the Society Grounds of the Steelworks Museum at 215 Canal Street in Pueblo, Colorado.

Made in America

Celebrate 140 years of the founding of Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (formed as Colorado Coal and Iron in 1872 by General William Jackson Palmer) on the grounds of the historic CF&I office complex in the heart of Bessemer.

Colorado Rock*N Log Legs and Made in USA Steel

Enjoy this anniversary celebration with a bus tour through the steel mill, or take a walk through the tunnel used by thousands of CF&I employees over many decades while enjoying many craft and art booths.

See made in the USA steel products from Evarz and Davis Wire,view the vintage “parlor car” used by the CF&I sales staff, antique cars and fire trucks,  enjoy welding demonstrations by Pueblo Community College, food and drink, activities for kids, historical programming and much more…and keep an eye out for our one-of-a-kind, locally hand-crafted, Colorado Rock*N Logs!


Roll Train – Cold Finishing Department at CF&I

Please view the video below for a visual introduction to the museum and archives, and get a taste of what life was like when made in the USA steel was king and Pueblo CF&I was doing its’ part to help build our country.

Space is limited, so be certain to call ahead for steel mill tour tickets or for further information.  Do not delay!
Hope to see you there…

Mitchell Dillman

Chief Operations Officer

Colorado Rock*N Logs, Inc.

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