Custom Furniture for Log Homes

Custom Furniture for Log Homes

Let’s face it, depending on your lifestyle and what region of the country you live, the term ‘custom furniture‘ means many things to many people. This article and accompanying video examines custom furniture specifically designed for log homes and the ‘modern rustic’ log home lifestyle.

If you live in a log home, want to live in a log home, or simply want furniture designed for log homes, you will want to read this article.


So just what is custom furniture?

Wikipedia defines custom furniture as a branch of wood and metal working dedicated usually to small scale furniture production. Often custom furniture is synonymous with studio furniture, a branch of furniture making focusing on furniture as an artistic expression. This furniture can also be designed for large projects that need specific dimensions and requirements. Hand-crafted, custom furniture companies can provide the artistic expression and technical needs that all designers deal with.

Custom furniture is more about what you need and want versus what is available.

With that being said, it only makes sense that custom furniture for log homes must have some kind of ‘rustic’ appeal. But don’t get me wrong, that does not mean that this form of furniture has to be made strictly from logs, sticks and twigs.

In fact, there are many artisans today designing and making unique ‘hybrid’ forms of custom furniture specifically for log homes and the modern rustic log home lifestyles. Some of these artisans are crafting unique forms of ‘modern rustic’ home furnishings using steel and stone.

Watch this video for an example of one of these custom furniture designs.

One of the advantages of working directly with the artisan who is hand crafting your new furniture is that you, the customer, has the ability to order your furniture exactly the way you like. You can have your furniture made to fit a specific spot in your log home or for a desired location on your property.

There is no question custom furniture brings an instant feeling of comfort to any room. It is inviting and creates a warm and cozy feeling. One-off custom furniture has a lasting timeless quality. Sure, these can be used pieces of furniture, even family heirlooms, but they can also be newly constructed pieces that have been given that naturally worn pastoral finish.

One thing is certain about custom made furniture, these are not  pieces that have a heavy lacquered shine to them or a plastic looking finish.  They are pieces that work in any design style.

Timeless, warming, comfortable and cozy…..what more could you ask from your one of a kind, hand made piece of custom furniture?

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